Interview with Valerie Sargent

Join the Metaphysical Mysteries for an interesting and unique interview with Hypnotherapist and artist Valerie Sargent.

Valerie has been interested in holistic therapy since she was about 20 years old after the passing of her husband.


About Valerie Sargent

Valerie is an experienced Akashic Records reader, intuitive healer, and hypnotherapist. Her passion is to help people heal themselves, and also step fully into their own sense of self-empowerment. Valerie is the founder of The Fig Leaf. Additionally, the Fig Leaf offers a unique and personalized integration of the Akashic Record healing experience enabling you to also facilitate your own ultimate healing.


“I am an intuitive holistic healer, Akashic Record reader, and certified hypnotherapist. Early in life, I discovered that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, but we often need a little help, due to our environment or belief patterns that we were born into this life with. I am a lifelong intuitive and have been practicing holistic healing for over 15 years.”


As a holistic therapist, Valerie uses Reiki and other forms of energy therapy to create an energetic environment within your body that is conducive to self-healing. As an intuitive, she is also able to tune into one’s energy field and assess what is required to assist the client back to whole-body wellness. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being are very important and interconnected. Valerie will help you to balance them all, bringing not one aspect of yourself, but every single aspect of yourself into total wholeness.


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