Psychic Medium Kim O’Neil

Join us as we speak with the mysterious Psychic medium and author Kim O’Neil. Not only is she known though for her skills to communicate with the unknown, but is a talented and skilled author of many books. Her books take you through what it looks like inside the mind of a medium. Being a psychic medium might seem kind of neat, but is a committing and sometimes difficult talent to have.

Take some time to listen to this by The Metaphysical Mysteries podcast and get a closer look into the world of a psychic medium, Kim O’Neil helps teach, show and educate you on her hidden talents. She explains and can connect to those that others can not. What would or could you do if you had these mysterious psychic abilities? Would you fear them” Or try to help others such as Kim O’Neil is doing? These are some tough questions to think about. If you want to learn even more about Kim? Then visit her website here.


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Are You Having A Spiritual Awakening? You’re Not Alone. The Metaphysical Mystery Podcast will guide people through the process of spiritual awakening and beyond, towards infinite metaphysical and mind-expanding possibilities. Get An Understanding Of Our True Nature As Infinite, Immortal, Energetic Beings.


The Metaphysical Mysteries are the “go-to” place for everything metaphysical. We feature guests such as researchers, doctors, authors, scientists, and practitioners. Each podcast also offers high-quality research about metaphysical topics. We will be revealing secrets and unveiling mysterious data in the metaphysical field.


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