Artists of the metaphysical Podcasts

Time to expand your thinking

The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast was created for those who are inclined toward all things “metaphysical”. This podcast is for anyone of all backgrounds. From the casually curious to science-based clinical professionals. This podcast is an invitation to expand your thinking. Be open to new research and interpretation of existing texts and knowledge. Episodes will focus on metaphysical principles, state-of-the-art science, and practical application to help metaphysics make sense in today’s world. Through these episodes, you will gain the tools to navigate through deep metaphysical questions. Master the art of living metaphysically.

Hosts and artists

The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast will be hosted by Terry and Tom. Both of our hosts have a background and passion in all things metaphysical. Terry has an extensive background as a reiki master, master hypnotist, certified regressionist, metaphysical minister, and a trained life coach. Upcoming episodes on The Metaphysical Mysteries podcasts offer an exciting look into the metaphysical realm. Episodes will cover topics on healing such as reiki, energy healing, tuning forks, and sound therapy. Listeners will also look forward to episodes on energy, astral travel, remote view, mediums, and psychic personalities. You will also get exciting content on spiritual entities such as ghosts, angels, and demons. Our hosts at The Metaphysical Mysteries encourage listeners to open their minds to new perspectives. It is recommended that you do not believe everything we share on our podcasts. Rather, you should be open-minded but also practice skepticism. We love it when our perspectives are challenged, and listeners bring new ideas to the discussion. Our goal is for you to be engaged and open-minded.

Featured Guests

The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcasts has connections to a wide range of researchers, clinicians, experts, and speakers. Our future guests will be from both metaphysical and scientific backgrounds. Some of them will be internationally renowned as well. You might even recognize some of these top individuals from other podcasts and media. Check our schedule for upcoming podcast episodes to keep up with our featured guests. Are you interested in becoming a guest (or suggesting one)? Send us a message. Be open to new research and interpretation of existing texts and knowledge. Here at the Metaphysical Mysteries, we want to provide you with all the spiritual education we possibly can. We are committed to providing high-quality research and metaphysical information to you. Discover revealing secrets and mysterious data from the metaphysical field. Do you have any general questions, comments, or suggestions? Send us an email and one of our hosts will get back to you.    

Kim O' Neil