Audrey Yagalla: Reiki Master, Author, Healer, Sage and Survivor Of Abuse


Introducing our guest: Audrey Yagalla on The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast. Audrey is from Pennsylvania and is a Reiki master, has been certified through NLP, and theta healing. She has also done shamanistic practices, such as working with runes. Overall, Audrey is a writer, healer, and a sage.



“Out of The Shadows: A Soulful Journey Back To Self After Years Of Abuse At The Hands Of A Catholic Priest


Audrey has recently released a book titled “Out of The Shadows”. Through “Out of The Shadows”, Audrey is stepping out of her comfort zone and telling her truth. Her voice will no longer be silent. “Out of the Shadows” is about a journey to healing and a path that is a “straight line”…but was never a straight line”. It had bumps along the way, spirals, and lots of onion peeling. It’s all about the modalities that Audrey used to get where she is today. In doing the path to healing, she has also learned the path so she can help others. You can purchase “Out of the Shadows” or purchase the eBook here.



Audrey Yagalla: Reiki Master, Author, Healer, Sage, and Survivor Of Abuse


In her book, Audrey also shares her story of being victimized by a priest. Audrey was groomed and endured sexual abuse all throughout her high school years and even her freshmen year of college. Her story was referenced by the individual who the Attorney General of Pennsylvania spoke about when they had the abortion page by the Roman Catholic Church. Aubrey’s story isn’t just about what happened to her. Her story also gives hope to people – that they can be whole, complete, well-functioning human beings again.



The Path To Healing


The path is a bumpy road, and sometimes you don’t see that light. Audrey hopes that her book offers that light and different possibilities. Cognitive therapy isn’t the end-all, do all for many people. At the beginning of her healing journey, Audrey was on a lot of medication and ended up in the hospital twice. Then, she started to get into reiki and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). For her, doing those things seemed to ease the bumps a lot and balance her energies. Her niece and children were also what drove her forward. She has also explored her ancestral roots and wants her children and their children to have a clean slate. What helped her get her “soul parts” back was shamanic practice as well as theta healing. Both of which were very powerful for her.


“I am the author of my own story, a survivor of years of abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. I am a Healer, having done the work to heal the trauma’s of my life. And I am a Sage, a title I gifted myself, which I speak in honor of the journey, insights and magic of reclaiming self.”


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