Christine Gurganus​

Christine Gurganus

Spiritual psychic, medium and teacher, Chris Gurganus’ abilities comes from a long ancestral line of gifted psychics and mediums. God-loving and powerful!!


Christine Gurganus, CMM (Certified Meditation Master), CLC (Certified Life Coach), LCE (Licensed Certified Empath), Certificed in Tactial Imaging.
Hi, this is a whisper from the other side…… that is how it begins with natural empaths, psychics, mediums, and intuitives. I was blessed to come from a long line of gifted ladies, our family line has it going back 5 generations on my fathers’ side of the family tree, and 3 on my mothers’ side. However, generations ago gifted individuals were considered evil at worst and weird at best. So, today I’m still considered a bit weird but, gifted and helpful. I was taught at a very young age on how to utilize my gifts by my grandmom through prayer and hands on healing.

She taught us every Sunday after church in a group setting, she made it fun! After that she would give me ideas of how and why these things happened and how you knew specifically what it meant and how to sort the feelings into useful information. People would come from far and wide to see my Grandmom, family, friends, and friends of friends. They would have ice tea and talk, she always gave them sage advice (or so I thought) she was reading them. She prayed more than anyone I knew, she went to church almost 7 days a week. She was the most gifted and Holy person I ever knew even until today.


Christine offers Tarot readings

Energy Clearings

The goal in your Spirit Releasement will be to make sure the Angels and Beings of Light take all spirits to the place that is for the divine highest good and safety for all involved.

House Blessings

Christine will create a positive energy and balance the existing energy to empower the occupants to live to their spiritual fullest level.

Other Services

15 Minute Ask a Question Reading
30 Minute Reading
Business Consultant with a Spiritual Twist
Couples Readings
Feng Shui
House Blessings and Balancing
Mediumship Special Events
Reading at the Reef
Spirit Releasement
Tactical Imaging Healing

A Snapshot of Christine

Spiritual Psychic, Medium, and Teacher