Jeanne Brinker RN

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Gwendolyn is kind, present, and has found a calling deep within her to this work through her shamanic practices: Owl Medicine: A Shamanic Healing Path and The Center for Personal Evolution.
As a professional I have had a life time career as an educator. I began teaching in the early 80s in response to my desire to assist children in developing their imaginations and learning to express themselves freely and with verve. From these experiences in my early 20s and 30s I developed summer camps in several places in New England that focused on teaching the arts; both performance and visual. My work expanded into programs for adults in both theatre and the visual arts through continuing education programs and my own classes offered out of my studio at home.

Owl Medicine: Shamanic Healing Path

Healing Services, Classes, Workshops & The Shamanic Medicine Wheel: A Transformative Journey

Energy Healing

Chakra Illumination: Clearing & Revitalization, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, and Chakra Clearing and Healing

Past Life Regression

PLRH is an opportunity to focus inward and experience fully that still place within you and experience past lives that are connected to current physical, mental, or spiritual challenges you are having in this life in the here and now.

Other Services

A Snapshot of Gwendolyn

CPE Founder of The Center For Personal Evolution, Director;
Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher