John Cappello

John Cappello, M. B. A., Psychic Medium, Writer/Author, Radio Talk Show Host, and Lecturer is an American psychic medium from Texas.


As a psychic medium, John has been voted the number one male psychic and the number two medium in the United States. He was chosen as the “Man of the Year” in American Psychic and Medium Magazine in 2017. ​
John Cappello is an American psychic medium, author, lecturer, and internet radio talk show host from Texas. Practicing for over 25 years, John is not only a natural psychic medium but a recognized scholar as well.

Previously, John worked in the business community as a retailer and a property owner/manager. John has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration. He was involved in community service and development of a Chamber of Commerce for many years. His work in the community garnered him several awards for his efforts.

Consistently ranked among the world’s best, John is regarded as exceptional within the metaphysical community and by his worldwide clientele.

Psychic Readings

John uses his psychic gifts to tune into your energy and to evaluate issues that surround you. The energies indicate questions that you have or a person who has crossed over into the spirit world.

Astrological Readings

An Astrological reading includes an analysis of your natal or birth chart by discussing your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign. These results are determined by your date of birth, time, and place of birth.

Radio Show

His internet talk show tackles everything from dealing with loss, connecting with spirits, astrology, past lives, and meditation.


John’s books have won 15 literary awards for their content and original material on the topics of psychic development and grief recovery.

A Snapshot of John

Spiritual Psychic, Medium, and Teacher