John Russell

John Russell is a Paranormal Investigator & Psychic


John Russel has many spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities. He is a Medium, Clairvoyant, and an Intuitive. John also utilizes the Tarot (in a unique and accurate way).
John studied psychic disciplines from Astrology to Zoroaster. He became a Certified T.A.R.O.T. Master with T.A.R.O.T., International. John studied psychology and parapsychology, religion, philosophy. In so doing, he learned that there really isn’t much new under the Sun: movements and philosophies that claim new insights can be found, at their core, to contain elements very similar to or in some cases identical to earlier movements and philosophies!

Paranormal Investigator

John’s big on ghosts. As a paranormal investigator, he has gotten his fair share of them. John has been on his own adventures with investigating haunting and paranormal places.

Paranormal Investigations

The goal in your Spirit Releasement will be to make sure the Angels and Beings of Light take all spirits to the place that is for the divine highest good and safety for all involved.

Other Methods and Abilities

As a psychic, John Russell uses remote viewing, channeling, spirit guides, telekinesis, séances, telekinesis, crystal ball gazing, ghosts, hauntings, ESP, paranormal investigations, UFOS, mediumship.

A Snapshot of John

Spiritual Psychic, Medium, and Teacher