Kelly Palmatier

Kelly Palmatier is a Tarot Card Reader And Psychic Medium.


Kelly Palmatier is a full-time, professional psychic medium in Asheville, North Carolina. She has been involved in psychic energy work for over 30 years and bringing people inner peace and inspiration through psychic readings and mediumship readings.
Kelly has been a psychic her whole life and has been developing her skills since then. She has even studied parapsychology in England at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Kelly has embraced her calling as an Empath – a metaphysical term for someone who feels the emotions of others. She is also clairvoyant (psychically seeing images) clairaudient (hearing messages) clairalient (so I psychically smell things) clairsentient, (physically feel the energy); and claircognizant, (just knowing things.)

Psychic Medium Services

Kelly offers Channeling/Mediumship Readings, Psychic Readings using Tarot cards, Group Mediumship Readings, Psychic Business Consulting, and Psychic Development Mentorship Services.

In-Person and Remote Sessions

Kelly is currently located in lovely Asheville, NC. Clients can choose from either phone/video call sessions or in-person sessions in her office and reading room in West Asheville, NC. To schedule a session, visit Kelly’s website.

Affordable Psychic Readings

For those on a budget, Kelly offers a sliding scale for both psychic readings and mediumship readings.

A Snapshot of Kelly

Tarot Card Reader And Psychic Medium.