Kim O’Neil

Kim O'Neil

Kim O’Neill is a psychic channel, medium, and award-winning author who works with business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to amplify their intuition – to streamline decision-making and develop clarity on the actionable steps leading toward a life that is soul-driven, empowered, and filled with momentum.

Over the past 30 years, Kim has helped thousands of people across the globe evolve into their most authentic selves (and grow in their careers and businesses) through detailed, pragmatic, and actionable guidance communicated to me directly from their personal guardian angels. 

For over thirty years, Kim has been passionate about guiding people toward creating lives that are aligned with their unique gifts and talents through private sessions, online classes, podcasts, national in-person workshops, and her award-winning books. Kim channel’s information quickly from your angels, with lots of detail. In fact, in just one hour, she will provide guidance on as many questions as you can ask — with actionable steps you can take now to jumpstart your progress. 


She has been a guest on podcasts, and over 100 radio stations and TV programs, and has been interviewed in numerous magazines and newspapers.

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