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Welcome to The Metaphysical Mysteries – a new podcast series aimed at exploring metaphysical topics. Our hosts are Terry and Tom, who are both passionate about metaphysics, paranormal, and their related fields.  Prior to creating The Metaphysical Mysteries, they met through work and connected through their passion for metaphysical ideas. Terry has a professional background in several metaphysical fields. Some of his specialties include hypnosis, reiki, EFT, sound healing, and also meditation. This podcast is going to explore the unseen world through a scientific and skeptical lens.


The Three Different Bodies

Each of us has three “bodies”. They are the spiritual body, the emotional/mental body, and the physical body. However, modern medicine only focuses on the physical body. It is also up to us to examine what the “spiritual” and “mental” bodies are. Although, it can be a challenge to bridge the world of the “spiritual” with the world of “science”.

“Combining science and spirituality in this training format is very important. Science is where we came from and science is where we are headed with this program. However, we will still be doing this with respect for spirituality.” – Terry, Co-Host of The Metaphysical Mysteries

Expand Your Thinking

The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast encourages its listeners to explore new ideas, theories, and ways of thinking. Be open to new research, and interpretation of existing texts and knowledge. The Metaphysical Mysteries is your “go-to” source of metaphysical news in 2020. We will feature guests such as researchers, doctors, authors, scientists, and practitioners. Each podcast offers high-quality research and information about metaphysics.


We are your source for insight, tools, and the 411 on how to live a more full-filled life. For more resources or guest and topic suggestions, email Terry at We are looking forward to connecting with you.



About Us

On the Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast, you’ll get the support and tools to make the changes to live more fulfilled, authentic, soul expressed and prosperous.