Tom Whitmore​

Tom Whitmore is a UFO and MJ-12 Researcher

Tom Whitmore: MJ-12 Researcher MUFON Board Member


Tom has had a long-term interest in UFOs starting in the 1960s and in addition to being a MUFON board member, he has a special interest in the MJ-12 affair.
Tom has been a MUFON member since 1990 and has served as a MUFON State Section Director for Texas. He has served on the MUFON Board of Directors since 1995. Tom holds the Chartered Financial Analyst certification from the CFA Institute. Tom is employed as a financial analyst with a local corporation. Formerly CEO of a $220 mm financial institution for seven years.

The Official MUFON Podcast

A discussion with Tom Whitmore about MJ-12 Counterintelligence, and the US government’s involvement in UFO research.

Jan. 1/9 - Ufo's & cover ups & Mufon with Tom Whitmore

Tom Whitmore is a long time UFO researcher and will be telling all of us whats going on!

Undetermined: The Podcast

Tom returned to do a deep dive into the documentation, theories of motivation, and the players involved in one of the biggest bombshell conspiracy theories for UFO lore.

The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

Interview with Tom Whitmore​ on The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

A Snapshot of Tom

Tom Whitmore is a UFO and MJ-12 Researcher