Deb Frueh: Founder of The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe


This week’s episode features Deb Frueh – founder of The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe. She is a certified life coach who has been reading The Tarot professionally for over 35 years. Additionally, Deb is a Business Coach specializing in getting metaphysical businesses online and is a Tachyon Level Reiki Master. In this episode, Deb is diving into her background and how she started The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe.



Deb’s Psychic Abilities and Tarot


Deb has known she was psychic her whole life. One of the biggest catalysts for her career was purchasing her own tarot deck. She had found that in many instances, the Tarot deck was an invaluable tool in divinizing one’s purpose.  Getting connected with Tarot marketed the beginning of her journey with discovering and mastering her intuitive abilities.


About The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe


The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe is the ONLY Networking Event for professional metaphysicians and alternative practitioners! They meet once a year in August during the Perseid Meteor Shower to learn, share celebrate and partner in new ways to heal each other, our clients and the world!




Workshops and Classes


There are several classes and workshops that The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe provides. Currently, they offer workshops on tarot, tarot portal, high vibrational readings, and public speaking. These services can be booked for a variety of parties and corporate events including banquets, birthdays, bridal showers, and more. Click here to learn more about classes and workshops.


GALA 10th ANNUAL The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe


The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe invites you to Step Into The Flow that many are called to. All those that should be there, will be. Every year, metaphysical and alternative professionals meet to get to know each other, form new alliances, and collaborate to Heal Ourselves and The World! This year, GALA 10th ANNUAL The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe will be on August 10-13, 2023. This is a VIP event that promotes cutting edge spiritual growth for practicing metaphysicians, alternative practitioners and the metaphysically curious. Join The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe LIVE In 2023 for 4 Days of Fun, Transformation and Celebration! Purchase tickets here.


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On the Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast, you’ll get the support and tools to make the changes to live more fulfilled, authentic, soul expressed and prosperous.