Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant Midge Murphy


Are you practicing energy healing ethically? Does your spiritual business abide by integrity? On this episode, Tom and Terry are interviewing non-practicing attorney Midge Murphy. Midge Murphy is a Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant, Author, and Speaker. As a risk management consultant, she focuses on risk and liability issues in the energy healing world and she is a practitioner herself. She also has a new book published. Tune into this episode on ethnics in your spiritual work and practice.


Midge Murphy’s Introduction Into The World of Energy Healing


Through her experience as an attorney, Midge Murphy offers her services as a risk management consultant in the field and energy healing. She works with both individual energy practioners and organizations that train and certify practioners. She got her background in hospice work – and as a result of that she was introduced to therapeutic touch. That was her first introduction into energy healing. It came so naturally to Midge, which surprised her and piqued her interest, which lead her to explore energy healing more in depth. As a result of that, she met Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. Through Norm’s program, she earned a PH.D. in medicine in 2001. Fun fact – she is the first attorney to receive a PH.D in energy medicine.


As a result of her energy healing skills, she has become a Shamanic practitioner, and she uses a lot of Shamanic processes when she works with clients and animals. Additionally, she is certified in Matrix energetics and she has been initiated as a Reiki Master.



Bridging the World of Business, Law, Regulatory Issues, Government and the Field of Energy Healing


Midge Murphy’s calling and niche is bridging several industries together: Business, Law, Regulatory Issues, Government and the Energy Healing field. She has found there is a void within the energy healing field – especially as more practitioners want to become more professional and start their own businesses and become more integrated into the healthcare system. This is due to the fact that there is really no true credentialing and in many ways, which creates a “Wild West”. As a result, Midge has used her background in law to become a consultant as well as release a book about how practioners can practice energy healing ethically.



Practice Energy Healing in Integrity; the Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically


Since first published in 2015, the book has been recognized as the gold standard in ethics, legal issues, and risk management strategies in the practice of energy healing methods. The updated version of the book includes expanded and additional vital content for both licensed and non-licensed practitioners of energy healing methods.


This book covers key ethical and legal principles, practical considerations when working with clients, informed consent, scope of practice, and the legalities of marketing an energy healing practice. You will have the opportunity to identify the potential ethical and/or legal vulnerabilities that could be present in your practice. It provides essential risk management strategies that can protect your practice from the potential legal liabilities inherent in offering energy healing methods to the public. Purchase Here.



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