Director, Writer and Producer Dana Kippel on Her Metaphysical Film “Reflect”

Director, Writer and Producer Dana Kippel on Her Latest Film Metaphysical Film “Reflect”


Explore the inner mind of actress, filmmaker, and producer Dana Kippel. In this episode, Dana shares her latest project – a metaphysical film called “Reflect” which will be available on major streaming platforms Vudu, Apple and Amazon next year. Dana is a Director, Writer, Producer, Optimistic Futurist, Poet, Metaphysical Philosopher with an Interest in Plasma, Sci-fi, Mental Health & Neurodiversity Advocate, and Reiki Healer.


Meet Dana Kippel


Dana was born and raised in NY, lived in South Florida, and moved to Los Angeles for acting/commercials. She practiced theatre as a kid and teenager at Rockland Center for the Arts, and studied Psychology and Philosophy in college. She loves acting in horror, sci-fi & action films, as well as a passion for comedy and improve and has a passion for not just acting but for life and understanding different types of people’s psyches. This has led her to exploring the metaphysical realm.


“Reflect” Movie by Dana Kippel


Dana came up with the concept for Reflect when she was filming a movie in Arizona and doing a lot of night shoots and due to the lack of sun, she had become depressed. She decided to visit Sedona after filming as there is a vortex there and that is beautiful energy. For Dana, just being there and feeling the energy and feeling lonely at the same time inspired her to write a movie about 5 girls that go to the desert (inspired by Sedona) and have a spiritual experience. As soon as she got home, she started writing. Reflect was shot and filmed 3 months after Dana had wrote it.


“Reflect” is about 5 girls from different backgrounds and they take a road trip to Sedona, and they are invited on a spiritual obstacle course. When the girls arrive, a lot of strange things start to happen to them while they are in the Sedona Vortex. The source of the strange things are from the girls doing shadow work. As a result, it leads to terrifying things to come up. The overarching message from “Reflect” is that it is ok for these scary/messy/chaotic/darker things to come to the surface, as that is part of the process and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Dana’s goal for the viewer is to have you ask more questions about you background, beliefs and thought process, as well as recognizing that you can change your life at any given time and that they can change their beliefs. However, the most important aspect of that is healing yourself.


Crazy Carrot Films


Dana Kippel founded Crazy Carrot Films-  a production company that aims to bring more knowledge of the more knowledge of the Sciences, Ancient Mythologies and the Spiritual to light. It’s mission is to “help return our viewers back to a pure state of love and understanding of one’s self and the ever evolving worlds around us. To bring new ideas, through the medium of film, to our audience. The world is changing. We know you are craving a deeper meaning and we are here to give it to you. We are confident our audience will find us and we will know them well.”


Dana Kippel


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