In this interview with Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D., Tom and Terry get a closer look in the interworkings of the mind. Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D. has been highly trained in research and has studied schizophrenia and has worked with individuals with psychotic disorders. She has also begun working with veterans, first responders, and those who have experienced trauma. In this podcast, Dr. Kathleen shares how “energetic” forces can have an impact on the mind.


Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D. is dedicated to teaching and empowering others to live balanced, whole, and authentic lives. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a minor concentration in cognitive neuroscience. She is co-owner of Therapy Café, a practice expanding to multiple locations in the Washington, DC area that combines counseling and holistic services, and currently serves as a clinical overseer of the Peer Support Program for the Prince George’s County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association (PGCPFPA) in Maryland.


Dr. Tallent offers therapy programs, trainings, and workshops for first responders, and for state and local agencies, and professional trainings for mental health and holistic professionals, including seminars and workshops on subjects related to Integrative Mental Health. She lives in Maryland.

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We all wonder “what’s out there” when it comes to our existence, especially our place in the universe. Perhaps you have always been a curious, introspective individual. Some of you have recently garnered an interest in topics that encompass all things metaphysical. Or maybe you are in a metaphysical-based industry like energy healing, sound healing or reiki. There is plenty to discover and explore about the metaphysical or paranormal. The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast is a new podcast series that explores those exact topics and beyond.


About The Metaphysical Mysteries

Are You Having A Spiritual Awakening? You’re Not Alone. The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast will guide people through the process of spiritual awakening and beyond, towards infinite metaphysical and mind-expanding possibilities. Get An Understanding Of Our True Nature As Infinite, Immortal, Energetic Beings.


The Metaphysical Mysteries is the “go to” place for everything metaphysical. We feature guests such as researchers, doctors, authors, scientists, and practitioners. Each podcast offers high quality research about metaphysical topics. We will be revealing secrets and unveiling mysterious data in the metaphysical field.

Podcasts are 45 minutes long and we post new podcasts twice a month. The Metaphysical Mysteries live casts 4 times a year.


Topics covered in podcasts: Healings, ghosts, energy, astral travel, remote view, clairvoyant categories, research, angels, demons, reiki, dreams and visions, tuning forks and sound therapy, mediums and psychic personalities.

The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast.


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On the Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast, you’ll get the support and tools to make the changes to live more fulfilled, authentic, soul expressed and prosperous.