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Psychic Healer Julien Delumeau

This week’s featured guest on The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast is psychic healer Julien Delumeau. Julien healer from France, a culture that has a lot of spiritual traditions. In this interview, Julien discusses his gifts. He has always been able to feel others’ energies and has even seen spirits before. This extraordinary experience has led Julien to explore spirituality and the metaphysical realm. As a psychic, Julien’s abilities have evolved over the past 10 years. He has also received messages from those who have passed away.


Additionally, he has helped guide people in their lives. Over the past three years, he has focused a lot on healing and helped people connect to themselves and their extraordinary abilities. He does this by helping people connect with their own energies. A lot of things that have occurred in past lives may show up in present lives and become blockages. This is something that can be addressed by coaching and reconnecting with your spirituality.


Spirituality In France

In this interview, Julien shares his experiences growing up in France. France has an incredible culture that incorporates spirituality. It brings together those who are grieving after a loved one has passed away. There are grieving groups in France who congregate and channel loved ones who have passed away. Typically, they would bring pictures of loved ones to this channeling. In other areas of France, there are also psychic healers and healers who treat people’s ailments. In this interview, Julien discusses the connections he has made to spirits as well as his background as a metaphysical healer and coach.



About Julien Delumeau – Psychic Healer

Julien is a renowned psychic healer from France as well as a coach, author, trainer, and speaker. He offers group training and individual support for those who want to develop their gifts, rediscover the meaning of life, and heal their feminine. In his work, Julien also applies different modalities including hypnosis, sophrology, energy treatments, and mindfulness meditation. Additionally, Julien has 14 years of experience in management and individual coaching in France and abroad (teams of different cultures) in the health industry. Learn more about Julien Delumeau at www.julien-delumeau.fr.


I teach you to listen to your body and your feelings because all the answers are within you. It is really important that you learn to listen to yourself. This is how you can observe your functioning, and become aware of your inner blockages (emotions, mental patterns, functioning from childhood, society, lineage, etc.).”  – Julien Delumeau



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