Interview With Psychic Tracy Turner “The Grandmother of Psychics”


This episode’s guest is psychic, medium, and spiritual healer Tracy Turner – also known as “The Grandmother of Psychics”. She’s been in this business for 45 years and has been gifted as a child. Tracey is a very “no-nonsense” type of psychic. She’s the real deal. In this episode and interview with psychic Tracy Turner, she reveals how she discovered her spiritual abilities as a child and how she started talking directly to God and cultivated a close relationship with God since then.


Interview With Psychic Tracy Turner


Hosts Tom and Terry learn more about Tracy’s amazing awareness of God when she was younger. As a child, Tracy saw ghosts, and at some point, she started to talk to God for as long as she can remember. She can also connect with Angels and those who have crossed over to the other side. She was born Jewish, and one of her earliest memories involved going to a Rabbi and sharing that she knew who God was as well as other spiritual guides. Tracey expressed wanting to become a Rabbi. However, she was reminded that since she was a woman, she could not become a Rabbi.



How Tracy Found Her Calling


It was at that point that Tracy realized that she wanted to use her gifts to share God’s word, and guide people. Tracy started to get more in touch with her medium gifts as her sick grandfather was dying and told her that “he was ready to go to heaven” and said goodbye to her. As she grew older, Tracy started to hear voices, get signs and receive a “knowingness” of big things to come. She started to share knowledge to those around her who truly needed it – whether it was someone who lost a loved one or someone who needed God’s guidance.


Tracy Turner’s Metaphysical Business


Tracy has been in the psychic medium and intuitive business for 45 years and is no stranger to the metaphysical world. She guides her clients through her angels and the messages she receives when she is discussing past life, present situations or things to come.


Over the years, Tracy has built a reputation for her accurate insight and guidance to her clients. She has built up a clientele who have returned years later and expressed their gratitude as well as their confirmation on past readings.


Tracy is more than a psychic – she considers herself a spiritual counselor sent by God to empower others to find their highest and best good. Tracey’s readings can change your life trajectory by providing current-day insight and changes to impact your future.


Psychic and Intuitive Services


Tracy provides high-quality readings that can be done either in person (she is located in Florida) or remotely. Additionally, Tracy provides guidance with life transitioning, life coaching for children, grief counseling and motivational speaking. You can learn more about Tracy’s metaphysical services on her website.


Tracy Turner

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