John Cappello – Astrology, An Understanding



This episode is all about John Cappello – Astrology, An Understanding. John Cappello Psychic Medium, Author and Public Speaker. In 2017, he was voted #1 male psychic in the United States and #2 place in mediumship and has had a litany of things he has done in over 30 years of experience. He is certified by multiple organizations, including the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums and by and by Bob Olson’s Psychic Directory, to be an authentic psychic and medium. John has written several books, has his own radio program and also has an MBA in business.


John Cappello – Astrology, An Understanding


John has always had an interest in astrology and the 6th sense. He grew up in the age of The Amazing Kreskin. For him, psychic abilities and mediumship was more of a hobby than a life path.  However, he has always desired to be self-employed. Everything changed when John met a few psychics who claimed to see John’s dead father in the form of a white light. John then took a few psychic classes and he started to grow his business and become a full-time psychic medium. He has also authored 8 books including several children’s books.



John’s Background

John Cappello is a psychic medium, author and public speaker, author, lecturer and internet radio talk show host from Texas. He has been practicing for over 25 years. Prior to his psychic practice, John worked in the business community as a retailer and a property owner/manager.



Open the Mind Exercise the Soul by John Cappello

Open the Mind Exercise the Soul is John’s first book. This guide links psychic ability with personal experiences and intellectual thought. Open the Mind Exercise the Soul is an intelligent discussion offering a fresh, new look at psychic abilities. For practicing psychics or beginners, the book combines historical information with spiritual exercises to assist you in gaining insight.


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Soul Exercises for the Open Mind by John Cappello

Soul Exercises for the Open Mind is John’s second book. It is a guide for those who want to move forward in their life using their unique talent for your personal well-being and the good of others. The book takes much of the mystery of your gifts away by validating your experiences as being natural and wholesome.


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John’s Psychic Insights

Today, John travels the US and demonstrates his extraordinary skills with reading energy. John hosts workshops and lectures on metaphysical and psychic topics and disciplines.

John Cappello offers readings for those in grief – who are looking for the opportunity to connect to a loved one who has passed away in spirt. John’s success rate is very high and the connection he makes with those on the other side is very personal.


Private Readings

John Cappello’s private readings can be done by phone or in person. A reading will give you insight and an “edge” in validating your own impressions of a situation or the existence of an afterlife. John is honored to have you consider him when choosing a psychic or a medium. He pledges his best efforts to give you the best information available.


Astrological Readings

John offers astrological readings to his clients, which includes an analysis of your natal or birth chart by discussing your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign. Your birth chart is determined by your birth date, birth time and your place of birth. An astrological reading that includes a birth chart includes a powerful insight into your basic personality and philosophy in life.


Learn more about John’s readings and booking information on his website.



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