Kelly Palmatier: Tarot Card Reader And Psychic Medium


Have you ever received a tarot reading? This week’s episode of The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast features Kelly Palmatier, Tarot Card Reader And Psychic Medium. Kelly Palmatier is a full-time, professional psychic medium in Asheville, North Carolina. She has been involved in psychic energy work for over 30 years and bringing people inner peace and inspiration through psychic readings and mediumship readings.



Kelly’s Background As a Psychic and an Empath


Kelly has been a psychic her whole life and has been developing her skills since then. She has even studied parapsychology in England at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Kelly has embraced her calling as an Empath – a metaphysical term for someone who feels the emotions of others. She is also clairvoyant (psychically seeing images) clairaudient (hearing messages) clairalient (so I psychically smell things) clairsentient, (physically feel the energy); and claircognizant, (just knowing things.)


While meditating one day, Kelly asked the Universe for a sign – what she should do to help others. The universe answered back and that is how she got on the path of being a tarot card reader and psychic medium. In addition to being an empath, Kelly also considers herself to be a lightworker. Lightworkers have a special mission in the world. That inspired her to name her company – Channeling White Light.



Kelly Palmatier Tarot Card Reader And Psychic Medium


Kelly offers many metaphysical services including Channeling/Mediumship Readings to connect with loved ones who have crossed over, Psychic Readings using Tarot cards and tuning in directly to the energy, Group Mediumship Readings, Psychic Business Consulting, and Psychic Development Mentorship Services.


Additionally, Kelly has a service where she collaborates with other psychics which allows you to ask one question and get it answered by up to ten different psychics! This is great when you really want clarity on a subject, and you want a scientific spin by seeing what percentage of psychics feel the same nuances.


In-Person and Remote Sessions


Kelly is currently located in lovely Asheville, NC. Clients can choose from either phone/video call sessions (phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom) or in-person sessions in her office and reading room in West Asheville, NC. To schedule a session, visit Kelly’s website.


Cheap Psychic Readings and Free Psychic Readings


For those on a budget, Kelly offers a sliding scale for both psychic readings and mediumship readings. Clients are able to decide how much they are able to pay based on their budget and the value they may receive. If you can’t afford a reading but are in need of true psychic guidance, visit her free readings page to register for a monthly drawing. Additionally, keep an eye out for Facebook Live or other group events. Occasionally, Kelly give away readings for free or as a fundraiser for a good cause.



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