NASA Rocket Scientist Shehnaz Soni


This episode’s guest on The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast is the show’s first interview with a scientist – NASA Rocket Scientist Shehnaz Soni. Shehnaz Soni is also a spiritual alchemist and author in addition to working for NASA as a rocket scientist. In this episode, Tom and Terry will be discussing quantum mechanics with Shehnaz as well as how science and the “mystical” field intersect.



From Science To Spirituality


Growing up in Pakistan, Shehnaz Soni did not anticipate attending school due to the cultural barriers. However, due to her curiosity and rebellious nature, she ended up as the valedictorian. She had an arranged marriage that led to her living in the US. Additionally, Shehnaz got her electrical engineering degree which then led to her working with the International Space Station and working with the DOD then NASA. She has also worked on the Falcon with Elon Musk.


Since a young age, Shehnaz Soni has always been close to spirituality, especially her desire to “want more” and saying “no” unless she says so. This is what led her to explore the mystery schools. For Shenaz, mystery schools are places where we get to learn our human potential. They have ancient origins and it is part of who we truly are.


While she has been on a quest to understand life force energy, Shehnaz Soni has received certifications as an Energy Healer and a Transformational Coach. Shehnaz offers spiritual, physical, and emotional transformations through quantum healing and more traditional life and health coaching.


NASA Rocket Scientist Shehnaz Soni


Shehnaz has worked as a rocket scientist for both Boeing and NASA. Her most recent work at NASA includes the Artemis Project. She and her cutting-edge team are working towards the unprecedented Human Landing System. When ready to launch, this system will bridge mankind with a long-term presence on the Moon and, ultimately, on Mars.



“The Quantum Being: A Self-Sustaining and Magnificent Human Craft” by Shehnaz Soni


Shehnaz is the author of “The Quantum Being: A Self-Sustaining and Magnificent Human Craft”. This book weaves together science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. Her book starts by introducing mind-bending concepts like quantum mechanics. What makes her book invaluable is that she skillfully translates scientific notions into relatable and makes quantum mechanics accessible for novice readers.


This book will enhance your understanding of the Quantum humans we are and how living by the principle of Quantum Physics, everyone can choose a life path and career path that perfectly aligns with their goals and personality. The quantum playground is where endless possibilities await!


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“When we avail the divine spark within us, we unveil the secrets of manifestation.”




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