Rich Braconi: Spirit Medium

Meet Rich Braconi: Spirit Medium


Enter into “Expanding The Presence” with Rich Braconi: Spirit Medium. Rich is a self-taught International Spirit Medium, Medical Intuitive, Best-Selling Author, and Spiritual Philosopher. Rich Braconi has a police background – specifically undercover, narcotics, and as a criminal detective who worked on an emergency response team which is very high-stress. Additionally, Rich is involved in black belt level martial arts and had his own school. In this episode, Rich discusses how he went down the path of a spirit medium.



How Rich Became a Spirit Medium


Rich shares that he is “self-taught”, which goes back to a time in his life when he was at a low point, then decided to change himself and be open to the truth. In that process, he learned that there was a physical side to humans and a spiritual side to humans. Eventually, he started to focus more on the spiritual side. He is even featured in shows where he shares his skills as a spirit medium.



Initially, Rich was skeptical of the “spiritual side” and in his skepticism he realized:


“You know, if God really exists, if we really do have a side of us that is spiritual, and there is a communication that goes along with it that is based on love, then I can see proof of it. And I have been doing this for about eleven years – looking for proof, and sure enough, I have just watched my business organically grow all through word of mouth.”


Rich does about 12-14 events a month, and it is very rare that it is not sold out. So, he has been watching the proof he wanted unfold before him, and it’s been amazing for him.


Challenges To Being a Psychic Medium


One of the challenges for psychic mediums is believing in what they are hearing, seeing, and feeling. It can be tough to get over that hurdle, and it can be daunting to jump out in public when they really aren’t certain if they are receiving something “spiritual”. For Rich, being self-taught has helped him in this process. There have been challenges and obstacles that he had to overcome.


One of them was knowing the difference between the physical side and the spiritual side. He had to recognize what voice he put the most value in. Before, he used to put a lot of value in the voices of other people and how they perceived him. Then, he started to realize he is a spirit and your spirit is in a coexistence with a higher wisdom and he started to put more value in that voice. With that increased value in that voice, Rich was able to overcome his personal challenges from other people who came to him in a skeptical way. It’s about faith, and showing coexistence between us and a higher power.



More About Rich Braconi


“Over the past 10 plus years, I have enjoyed witnessing the natural shift of my spirit to the forefront of my life. My life seems to more naturally unfold because I no longer try to control it. I feel that I have attained a universal and profound philosophy based on the power and communication of unconditional love that equally affects everyone’s life. I can honestly attest, my initial endeavor to seek a more profound perspective of myself eventually opened a hidden spiritual communication which triggered a humble transformation of self that continues to this day.”


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Being More of God: A True Story of Spiritual Evolution by Rich Braconi


Being More of God is a truthful account of one person’s sincere effort to challenge his prior beliefs in order to validate or not validate the existence of his spirit, universal truth and a philosophy that is based on the communication of unconditional love. It is a detailed account and explanation of a personal journey that gradually led to personal miracles; a divine perspective; a co-existence with higher wisdom; a universal love based philosophy; living spiritually centered and a spirit based language.


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