Taffeny Hicks is a psychic medium who not only will let you know what she sees in your future but is also an author and teacher of self-healing and therapy. Taffeny is honored and loves to help those in need. You don’t want to miss out on hearing this incredible podcast full of mystery and beauty. Learn more about Taffeny Hicks- Psychic Medium.


About Taffeny Hicks Psychic Medium

After getting married and having her beautiful child she finally broke out to her now ex-husband about her secret hidden talents. Although being a psychic medium might seem cool and interesting, being a medium is no walk in the park. She has dealt with some pretty frightening things being a medium including experiencing dark spirits, demonic entities, and lost souls.
But Taffeny has dedicated her life to getting people’s angel’s messages out to them through readings. This does not have to be done in person. She has created a way to help those through virtual meetings and phone calls.


Taffeny Hicks Career

Taffeny Hicks is a successful author of multiple books involving her psychic talents and massage therapy. She has taught multiple students about Reiki. Taffeny also is an exorcist, medulla, and visual response therapist. Learn more about Taffeny Hicks on www.taffenyhicks.com.


“In my quest for pleasing God, I have found God in all of the spirits that are on this planet. My soul purpose is to help everyone remember who they are. I am merely the vessel and a willing servant to God. We are all simply passing through this life, and in our passing through, we find one another and we find the truth of our existence….” – Taffeny Hicks


“My desire is that I am the bridge between both worlds, so that we that are in earthly bodies have no fear of our true existence. For I have found my soul purpose, and it belongs to the world. I am an angelic ambassador, and I speak on their behalf. We are living in times where it is essential, that we begin to wake up from our sleep and see the truth of who we are, who God is, and who our brothers and sisters are.” – Taffeny Hicks

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