UFO Researcher Kathleen Marden


Dive deep into the world of aliens with this episode’s guest: UFO researcher Kathleen Marden. Kathleen is an Author, ET Contact and Spiritual Consciousness Researcher and Spiritual Explorer. She has gotten into UFO research because she was inspired by her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney Hill had a close encounter and subsequent abduction in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Since then, she has dedicated most of her life doing extensive research on the topic of UFOs and ETs.


A “Family Affair”


Kathleen was only 13 years old when her aunt and uncle had their close encounter and abduction in New Hampshire. As they were heading south on Route 3 in upstate New Hampshire, Betty saw a light in the sky that had come in VERY close. Both Betty and Barney had been watching it for about a half hour at that point and they had even went out to look at it a couple of times. They could see that it was rotating and even lit up on one side. It was sitting up in the sky silently.


At some point, the craft surges ahead and stops over the highway. Barney then got out of the car and he was looking at the craft with binoculars. He was trying to identify the spacecraft and even observed figures looking back at him from the spacecraft. After getting spooked, Barney ran back to the car and sped away with Betty. A series of strange lapses occurred after, and Barney and Betty had even found themselves on a dirt road with no recollection of how they got there.





UFO Researcher Kathleen Marden


Kathleen Marden has dedicated a majority of her life seeking answers and an understanding of what her aunt and uncle had experienced. She has shared her investigation, research, and experimentation and has shared her discoveries in several books. Additionally, Kathleen is explorer of anomalous phenomena, spiritual consciousness, and the history of religion.


Work with MUFON’s Experiencer Resource Team


From 1991-2021, Kathleen volunteered for the Mutual UFO Network in various positions such as Director of Field Investigator Training and Founder/Director of MUFON’s Experiencer Resource Team. In 2012, MUFON recognized Kathleen’s contributions by honoring her with a trophy award. In 2015, MUFON dedicated its Symposium Proceedings to her and her team for “working tirelessly to help experiencers from around the world get the help they need to cope with the extraordinary events happening to them in their lives.” She is also the recipient of the International UFO Congress Lifetime Achievement Award.


Advocacy With Experiencers


While Kathleen was working as a UFO investigator, she has also studied the cases of 5,000 experiencers. This has led her to have a lot of compassion for unfairly targeted innocents. As a result, she has shifted her focus from research to advocacy.



Kathleen Marden







Books by Kathleen Marden


Kathleen has written several books including: “E.T. Contact”, “The Alien Abduction Files”, “Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers”, “Science Was Wrong”, and “Forbidden Knowledge”. You can shop her books on her Amazon shop here.


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