Dani Jo Butler Speaking On Spiritual Awakening


Have you ever had a spiritual awakening before? Are you curious to know if you have ever had one before? We assure you that you aren’t “going crazy.” On this episode, Tom and Terry interview Dani Jo Butler, a psychic medium, healer, and author who shares what a spiritual awakening looks like. Dani Jo Butler is speaking on spiritual awakening and also providing the insight and clarity you need on what the journey looks like.


Dani Jo Butler Speaking On Spiritual Awakening


So what defines a spiritual awakening? Dani noticed that when people go through life “unawakened” they are going through the motions – too focused on their job or everyday experiences. That is when people start to get a feeling that there is “something more”. This is the period when those people will slowly become “awakened” to spirituality or the fact that there is something more than just this everyday life.


Many clients have come to Dani asking if they are “crazy” or if something is “wrong” with them. To which, Dani reassures them that we are all “crazy”. In fact, the “normal” way of being is to know that there is something “more” – whatever that is for them. A spiritual awakening is essential Spirit tapping them on the shoulder, wanting them to remember that they have a soul purpose and they have more to do on this planet than just live their life, go to work, and pay their bills. When they have their awakening, there is a lot of questioning as to “Who they are” and “What to do next.”



Dani’s Own Spiritual Awakening


A spiritual awakening shifted Dani’s life when she had hers. Dani had her awakening with another medium who had shown her the “ropes” of the journey and worked through it with her. Since then, Dani has gone into many different directions. She once thought she was “just a medium” but then she got into teaching others how to heal, age regression, healing past life regression, healing spirit releasement therapy, life guidance, and mediumship reading.



About Dani Jo Butler


Professional psychic medium Dani Jo is from beautiful Black Hills, South Dakota. Dani has worked with thousands of clients around the world and in several countries. She started out as a Psychic Medium and has found interest in many areas of spiritual work including teaching, mentoring, and healing.


Dani’s training and certifications include Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Raindrop Technician, Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotist, and Certified Spirit Releasement Therapist.



Books by Dani Jo Butler


Dani Jo Butler has written several books including: “Illuminate The Dark. A True Story: From The Depths Of Darkness”, “Guided, Directed And Protected: My Path To Spiritual Awakening”, and the “Sacred Soul Gratitude Journal.” Purchase her books here.


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