Dani Jo Butler Speaking On Spiritual Awakening

Young woman practicing yoga outdoors. Spiritual harmony, introspection and well-being concept. Landscape background

  Have you ever had a spiritual awakening before? Are you curious to know if you have ever had one before? We assure you that you aren’t “going crazy.” On this episode, Tom and Terry interview Dani Jo Butler, a psychic medium, healer, and author who shares what a spiritual awakening looks like. Dani Jo… Continue reading Dani Jo Butler Speaking On Spiritual Awakening

Christine Gurganus Psychic & Medium | Certified Life Coach | The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

Christine Gurganus: Psychic & Medium Christine Gurganus, CMM (Certified Meditation Master), CLC (Certified Life Coach), LCE (Licensed Certified Empath), Certified in Tactical Imaging.