Dr. Maureen Hughes Ph.D. has been on the path since starting yoga class in 1999. Much has happened in that time, walking on and off the path, and having the confidence to step away from a more traditional job and in finding what she likes to call “The Soul Self”. There is always a reason to change for the better.


About Dr. Maureen Hughes Ph.D.

After hitting rock bottom personally, finding herself entrenched in the sciences but feeling completely out of integrity, she had the confidence to step into her Soul Purpose in early 2014. She does this by teaching and practicing SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and Integrative Therapies during one-one sessions or workshops, by teaching group yoga classes, and being an overall “Mover of Energy”. Her goal to help others connect their mind and body, to help others FEEL again, and finding that joy in life that everyone deserves, along with teaching others to do the same. We must practice what we teach, and we must teach as a reminder of practice.

Learn more about Dr. Maureen Hughes Ph.D. at http://www.totalharmony.com/


About The Metaphysical Mysteries

Are You Having A Spiritual Awakening? You’re Not Alone. The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast will guide people through the process of spiritual awakening and beyond, towards infinite metaphysical and mind-expanding possibilities. Get An Understanding Of Our True Nature As Infinite, Immortal, Energetic Beings.

The Metaphysical Mysteries is the “go to” place for everything metaphysical. We feature guests such as researchers, doctors, authors, scientists, and practitioners. Each podcast offers high quality research about metaphysical topics. We will be revealing secrets and unveiling mysterious data in the metaphysical field.

Podcasts are 45 minutes long and we post new podcasts twice a month. The Metaphysical Mysteries live casts 4 times a year.


Topics covered in podcasts: Healings, ghosts, energy, astral travel, remote view, clairvoyant categories, research, angels, demons, reiki, dreams and visions, tuning forks and sound therapy, mediums and psychic personalities.


The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast
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About Us

On the Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast, you’ll get the support and tools to make the changes to live more fulfilled, authentic, soul expressed and prosperous.