Modern-Day Witch Burning? Could It Happen To You? Interview With Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D. & Ed

Modern-Day Witch Burning? Could it happen to You? What Happens To People Who Have Mystical Experiences


This special episode of The Metaphysical Mysteries features two guests: Ed and past guest Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D. Ed is a professional police supervisor tossed in a psych ward, due to mystical experiences recorded in a diary. Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D. joins Ed our hosts to uncover this travesty of justice. They will join Tom and Terry to discuss the modern-day “witch burning” – what happens to the people who have mystical experiences and other psychic phenomena? They end up in a situation that all of us would dread.



Ed’s Metaphysical Story and Dr. Kathleen Tallent’s Professional Opinion


Former officer Ed will be sharing how he found himself in a dire situation. Ed is retired law enforcement and has 30+ years of experience in that field and is a colleague of Terry and he has known Ed for decades.  Ed shares his own metaphysical and mystical experiences and how it was an awakening for him. Additionally, Dr. Kathleen Tallent PhD. will be chiming in from the psychologist and life coaching point of view.


“When do I say something?” is a common thought that many people have when they have a mystical experience. It’s much like “coming out of the closet” in a sense.  Witch burnings happened over a 100 + years ago but the same concept can be prescribed to those that speak out about their own metaphysical experiences.



Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D.


Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D. is dedicated to teaching and empowering others to live balanced, whole, and authentic lives. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a minor concentration in cognitive neuroscience. She is co-owner of Therapy Café, a practice expanding to multiple locations in the Washington, DC area that combines counseling and holistic services, and currently serves as a clinical overseer of the Peer Support Program for the Prince George’s County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association (PGCPFPA) in Maryland.


Dr. Tallent offers therapy programs, trainings, and workshops for first responders, and for state and local agencies, and professional trainings for mental health and holistic professionals, including seminars and workshops on subjects related to Integrative Mental Health. She lives in Maryland.


For more information and scheduling contact:


Dr. Kathleen Tallent Ph.D.
Therapy Café
PO Box 763
Prince Frederick, MD 20686
(443) 295-8955


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