Professor Andrew Ward PhD On The Ghosts of New Orleans

Take a trip to one of the most haunted and historic spots in America…..the exquisite New Orleans. In this episode of The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast, we will be getting the 411 on the ghosts of New Orleans from our guest- Professor Andrew Ward Ph.D.


Professor Andrew Ward Ph.D.


About Professor Andrew Ward Ph.D.


Andrew Ward is an Assistant Professor at Tulane University in New Orleans for the Department of Political Science. He earned his B.A. in Religion from Mary Washington College and taught English at Polonia University in Częstochowa, Poland for three years. Professor Andrew Ward also earned his Masters of Education from Framingham State College’s European campus.


After moving to New Orleans, Andrew Ward became a tour guide for the French Quarter as well as becoming a director for several local non-profits. These include is Voices for International Business and Education, which operates the International High School of New Orleans. He is the founder and director of the Wahida Unity Project which uses music and the arts to bridge the divide between the US and the Islamic World. He has also authored several academic pieces and stage plays.


The Ghosts of New Orleans


In this episode, Professor Andrew Ward will be sharing his expansive knowledge about the history and culture of New Orleans – from tales of ghosts and portals to haunted and paranormal spots in the city. One of these spots includes the legendary haunted Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans. Professor Ward is especially proficient in knowledge and lore about the infamous Madame Lalaurie. In fact, Andrew Ward will be releasing a book on the paranormal spot, titled “The LaLalaurie Mansion Story”. It will be on sale later this year.



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